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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Guest & Crew Deliver Again

by Jan Stetter/QCFMag.com

For Your Consideration is Christopher Guest’s latest production and collaboration with Eugene Levy. Both as writers and actors, these two men showcase their talent in this comedy. Guest departs from the mockumentary film genre yet the movie has the familiar mark of Guest combining lunacy with reality and coming up with one cerebral comedy.

Once again the talented cast of myrmidons from previous Guest films gather together to spoof Hollywood and all the hoopla that surrounds the Oscar Awards. Four actors filming a movie set in the South in the 1940’s are all vying for an Oscar nomination after hearing that lead actress, Marilyn Hack played by Catherine O’Hara has been favored as an Oscar contender. The film, Home For Purim is a hokey pretext to introduce these self-absorbed actors. It also serves to introduce us to the rest of the ensemble cast who so naturally caricatures all the beautiful “IT People” who sell a Hollywood movie.

It is fun to pick out the ingenious veterans of this film. Jane Lynch, as a TV Hollywood Now! anchor, gives an understated performance that balances the over the top antics of Now! co- anchor Fred Willard. A testament to the chameleon talent of these actors is Jennifer Cooleridge, who conspicuously plays a clueless blonde with power. Sporting a cropped haircut Larry Miller, as Syd Finkelman plays a studio exec whose job it is to convince the movie’s production company to tone down this epic film’s “Jewishness”.

In the span of this film Catherine O’Hara goes from mature film actress to playing an aging, Jewish, dying matriarch on film and then revealing her hip Hollywood botoxed self while promoting the film on all of the talk show circuits; only to be seen the day after the Academy Awards as a drunken disheartened Oscar-less actress who later turns Acting Maven using her superior “acting chops” to enlighten younger, hopeful underlings.

Harry Shearer is the superannuated actor who hopes Home For Purim will revitalize his meager film career and save him from being the pitch wiener (er pitch man) for a national hot dog chain. Ed Begley Jr. convinces us he’s a heterosexual happily married Hollywood gay make up artist; as does Parker Posey present herself as a marginal comedienne trying to crossover into films.

Anybody who is a fan of anyone of these actors will enjoy this movie. If all this sounds crazy enough to be plausible then run don’t walk to see this farcical film, For Your Consideration.


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